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Postpartum Support Call

  • $80.00

Postpartum Support Call: Nurturing Your Well-Being After Birth

Welcoming a new addition to your family is a joyous occasion, but the postpartum period can also bring about a range of emotions and adjustments. Our Postpartum Support Call is designed to provide you with a compassionate and supportive space, offering guidance, reassurance, and practical advice during this vulnerable time when the modern medical system may not provide all the care you need.

What to Expect:

  1. Emotional Support: Our experienced postpartum registered nurses are here to lend a caring ear and provide emotional support as you navigate the unique challenges and joys of the postpartum period.

  2. Answering Questions: Whether you have questions about newborn care, feeding, sleep, or your own well-being, our support call is an opportunity to seek guidance on any topic related to postpartum life.

  3. Breastfeeding and Feeding Support: Receive tips and advice on breastfeeding, formula feeding, or other feeding concerns. Our experts can address issues, provide troubleshooting tips, and offer encouragement to promote a positive feeding experience for both you and your baby.

  4. Sleep Guidance: Discuss sleep patterns, routines, and strategies to help both you and your baby get the rest you need during this crucial time of adjustment from a certified pediatric sleep consultant.

  5. Postpartum Self-Care: Explore self-care practices tailored to the postpartum period, focusing on your physical and emotional well-being. From gentle exercises to mindfulness techniques, we're here to support your holistic recovery.

  6. Partner and Family Integration: Learn how to navigate changes in family dynamics and integrate partners and other family members into a supportive caregiving role.

  7. Holistic Well-Being Focus: Our approach goes beyond routine care, emphasizing holistic well-being. From emotional support to practical advice, we aim to empower you to embrace the beautiful challenges of early motherhood with confidence.

Non-Judgmental Space & Continued Support:

Our Postpartum Support Call provides a non-judgmental and empathetic space for you to openly share your experiences, concerns, and triumphs. We understand that each postpartum journey is unique, and we are here to support you without judgment.

Should you wish for ongoing support, we are committed to providing continued assistance. Whether through additional calls or suggested resources, our goal is to be a reassuring presence as you navigate the beautiful challenges of early parenthood.

Empower yourself with the support you need during the postpartum period. Schedule your Postpartum Support Call with Mothers Haven and let us be a reassuring presence as you navigate the beautiful challenges of early parenthood.

Whats Included:

  • 60-minute phone or video call
  • Postpartum Support call with a registered labor, delivery, and postpartum nurse
  • Receive a personalized care plan, tailored advice and guidance, non-judgemental listening, and the support we all deserve in the days, weeks, and months that follow labor and birth 

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