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Mothers Haven

Mothers Haven Moms Club

  • $165.00

🌿 Mothers Haven Moms Club: Your Parenthood Journey Companion 🌿

Motherhood is not meant to be traveled alone - pack your bags because we're doing this together! Join the Mothers Haven Moms Club at Mothers Haven Collective! Throughout this 6-week in-person group, you will connect with local Rhode Island and New England moms and babies while learning about important topics such as postpartum healing, feeding, infant sleep, perinatal mental health, and more!

📅 When: Tuesdays, starting July 9th and running through August 13th
🕧 Time: 12:30 pm - 2 pm EST
📍 Where: Mothers Haven Collective, 901 Main Street, East Greenwich, RI

What’s Included:

  • 90-week 90-minute group meetings
  • Led by experts in the field, covering topics such as postpartum recovery, maternal mental health, feeding, sleeping, postpartum nutrition, and more!
  • Weighted feeds each time we meet (whether you're breast or bottle feeding) and personalized sleep plans for everyone!
  • Printable or downloadable handouts each week pertaining to the topic
  • Exclusive Slack channel and Facebook Group for ongoing support and connection

This is a wonderful opportunity for families with babies from birth to 8 months old to find support, gain knowledge, and build a community. Stay connected with the group as we navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood together!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Julia Gillis
    The Best!!

    I attended the New Mom’s Club in January and loved it! We got tons of information and help with feeding and sleep and it was nice to get out of the house and chat with new moms in the same stage of life as you. We’ve also attended a few other events at Mother’s Haven and always have the best time. There’s so many different classes and events at Mother’s Haven, it’s a great place for parents and babies all around!

    Julianne Hill

    I attended the mother’s group in January and really enjoyed my time!! During the class I mentioned that my 3 month old was refusing the bottle…I then worked with Ashley on a separate occasion and she quickly got her to take the bottle. Mother’s haven is a beautiful place with endless resources to help us scared, new mommas out!

    Kira McCusker
    Moms Group

    Moms group was great! I loved how each week had a “theme” that was always very relevant to what new (or not new) moms are experiencing. I always felt like it was a safe space to talk about the good/bad of motherhood. It also was nice that Ashley has so much knowledge and was willing to share it with us. She was always giving tips/tricks on sleeping, feeding, and life in general. Lastly, it was great that it was 90 minutes! I always feel like an hour is never enough. It really gave us a chance to settle in, feed the baby, engage in convo, etc. without feeling like it was a mad dash back out the door. Life is already hectic so it was nice to slow down for a moment and be present with my baby and other moms. Thanks again 😊.