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Postpartum Feeding Consultation

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This 60 to 90-minute feeding consultation will help you assess latch, establish a strong milk supply, assess weight, breast pump flange size fitting, answer return to work questions, confidently introduce solids, navigate bottle refusal, how to safely wean, and more! 

What’s Included:

  • 60-90 minute in person (local) or virtual video consultation
  • Expert guidance through all of your breastfeeding, pumping, introducing solids, feeding, and weaning questions and concerns
  • Personalized care plan catered specific to you, your baby, and your feeding goals

How to book

Click on the pink select time button above to book your 60 min consultation and proceed to your cart to complete the purchase.

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Customer Reviews

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Lucy’s Lactation Appt

Bringing home a newborn is stressful in itself. Breastfeeding brings a whole other layer of stress and worry- especially as a first time mom and in the early days of motherhood. After my appointment with Ashley, I left feeling empowered, confident and knowledgeable about how to successfully feed my baby. She is thorough, supportive and patient. All the things I need at this vulnerable time. I am so grateful for her and her help!