Our bundles are organized to provide what you need and when. As a labor, delivery, and postpartum nurse, board certified lactation consultant and mama the education provided at Mothers Haven is evidence based and approachable. Covering everything from Childbirth, Infant Care, Breastfeeding, and more! We also offer educational e-guides, private nurse and feeding consultations.

Childbirth 101

Mothers Haven partnered with Tinyhood to provide you with an online watch-at-your-own pace course, that will you prepare you for childbirth all the way through to postpartum recovery. Learn what you need to know – and what others wish they had known. The course includes:

• 4+ hours of on-demand content

• 25+ downloadable guides and checklists

• Certificate of Completion For Insurance Reimbursement

Our affiliate code MOTHERSHAVEN20 will provide you with a 20% discount when you sign up for Tinyhood!

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First Trimester

Your recommendations for early pregnancy - covering the first trimester (weeks 1-13).

First trimester package includes:

• Early Pregnancy E-Guide
• Private Nurse Consultation (60 minutes) to provide you the support and guidance you need to put you at ease


Second Trimester

Your recommendations for the second trimester of pregnancy (weeks 13-28) - helping you from building your registry to your birth plan! All educational classes are recommended during the tail end of second and beginning of the third trimester!

Second trimester package includes:

• Must Have Registry E-Guide
• Build Your Registry Workshop
• Guide To Kick Counts
• Birth Preferences E-Guide
• Private Nurse Consultation to create Personalized Birth Preferences Plan


Third Trimester

Your recommendations for the third trimester of pregnancy (weeks 28-40+) Helping empower you in the final weeks of pregnancy to have the birth and postpartum experience of your dreams!

Third trimester package includes:

• Preparing the Body For Labor and Birth and Natural Induction Methods E-Guide
• Preparing the Body for Labor and Birth and Natural Inductions Recorded Class
• Preparing For Birth E-Guide
• Preparing for postpartum E-Guide
• Prenatal Feeding Consultation
• Getting Baby Into Optimal Position Guide
• Hospital Bag Checklist
• Private Nurse Consultation to create personalized care plan, ask questions, etc.


Fourth Trimester

Your recommendations for the fourth trimester and postpartum. Our culture doesn’t provide the support most mamas need after birth and this time period can be filled with fear, doubt, concerns, and unanswered questions. I am here for you every step of the way.

Fourth trimester package includes:

• Breastfeeding E-Guide
• Feeding Consultation
• 60-minute Postpartum Support Call
• 5 week Virtual New Moms Group
• Infant Feeding and Diaper Log Guide
• Infant Sleep Tips
• Bottle Refusal Tips


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Mothers Haven is committed to making our educational resources accessible to everyone. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a single guide or our sliding scale rates.