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Every Parent's Journey is Unique. Mothers Haven of Rhode Island is Here to Support You Through It All.

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  • Saturday, 7:30pm | $300.00

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  • Saturday, 7:30pm | $300.00

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  • "As first time parents we can’t recommend these classes enough! It was a very laid back yet fully informational session both my husband and we learned so much, right from the comfort of our own home. Feeling more confident and prepared for birth, breastfeeding, infant care, and beyond!"


  • "It was so meaningful to have a private consultation that focused on everything I had been stressing about, and Ashley is, without a doubt, the type of person who can help to put you at ease. I can’t recommend her enough to expecting and/or new moms!"


  • As a first-time mom, breastfeeding can be really overwhelming and intimidating. Ashley made it attainable and inspiring! Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable, personable and so, so good with babies. I didn't know all the questions to ask and didn't need to! She was so thorough in her approach to advising on and supporting my breastfeeding experience. Before Ashley, I was really close to calling it quits on breastfeeding and pumping. The guidance and tools she gave me are the reason I'm still breastfeeding today! Every new mom I meet, I recommend going to Mother's Haven!


  • Ashley and Mothers-Haven is my #1 recommendation when I’m asked about my favorite postpartum resources! I wish I had her knowledge and friendship for my first 2 babies, but am beyond thankful to have had her with my third! The “Moms Club” that she runs with her team is the warm hug all postpartum mamas need and her lactation services are second to none! She is the most thorough practitioner I have seen while navigating my daughters weight gain struggles! She is accepting and supportive of all feeding journeys and helped me feel comfortable with my need to turn to formula as needed due to supply issues. I cannot recommend Ashley and Mothers-Haven more for all your postpartum needs!

    Amy B.

  • I was referred to Mothers Haven by one of my best friends and I am not sure how I would have managed pregnancy, birth, and postpartum in this informational overload world we live in today without them! I saw Kristi the physical therapist and she helped me prepare for labor and delivery - she was so thorough and helped to educate me greatly on my ever-changing body! As I got closer to delivery she helped keep me in alignment and helped me manage those third-trimester aches and pains. I saw Ashley for a prenatal feeding consultation and she helped me feel confident and as prepared for breastfeeding as possible! After I delivered I worked with Ashley on not only a feeding plan but a sleep plan. Her personalized plan was specific to us, our goals, and our lifestyle - it allowed us to maximize my milk supply AND our overnight sleep!

    Olivia H.

  • Ashley feels like a big warm hug when you need it the most. She demonstrates humor, professionalism, and an immense amount of knowledge and experience in all things breastfeeding/childbirth-related. She is genuine/ empathetic and I immediately felt comfortable in my most vulnerable state following birth. It is evident and obvious that her care for supporting mamas when they need it the most is her passion and gift and I’m so grateful she shared her gift with me. I would have “thrown in the towel” with breastfeeding my third baby if it wasn’t for her support. I’m so happy to have continued with her guidance and be on this breastfeeding journey one last time.

    Jaimie C.

  • Mothers Haven is a kind, knowledgeable companion and a must-have for all entering into any phase of new parenthood. The team has an easy-to-follow approach they each made me feel fully empowered at every stage of my pregnancy and throughout my breastfeeding journey. From their approachable educational content to their personalized consultations, I cannot say enough amazing things. I met with their registered nurse, physical therapist, lactation consultant, and nutritionist during my pregnancy and postpartum journey. During the early days of parenting, there are so many unknowns and it can feel overwhelming at times to navigate this season of life but with Mothers Haven, I had the right resources at the right time, backed by a supportive community and that is something I will always treasure! Mothers Haven is the ultimate resource for Rhode Islanders and my top recommendation to all mothers and parents.

    Lauren L.

  • Ashley helped to not only educate and support me through my breastfeeding journey from prenatal to postpartum consultations but most importantly, she helped me to feel empowered and confident heading into delivery. Because of Ashley, I found my voice in what was an absolute whirlwind of an experience in the hospital. To be able to effectively & confidently communicate my feeding goals and expectations to nurses was a huge win mentally and emotionally. After delivery, I met with Ashley to work on better latching, to discuss baby’s weight, and to come up with a sleep & feeding plan that worked for EVERYONE. My breastfeeding journey would not have been as successful without Ashley’s support!

    Nicole M.

  • Mothers Haven has been a huge influence in my pregnancy and early days of postpartum. Ashley is wonderful, kind, and knowledgeable in all things motherhood! It can be difficult for new moms, especially first-time moms, to understand and navigate the nuances of nursing. With the help of an incredible lactation consultant like Mothers Haven, I have been able to successfully nurse my daughter, create a goal-oriented feeding plan/routine, and feel more confident with the decisions we need to make as a family. Ashley has answered all my questions and more! She is very attentive - both during our sessions together and with regular check-ins via email and text. If you are having a baby, you need Mothers Haven on your support team.

    Madalyn K.

  • We worked with Ashley for both lactation consulting and pediatric sleep consulting. She was an amazing resource for us as this was our first child and breastfeeding was a priority but also knew we had to transition to pumping knowing I had to go back to work. For sleep consulting, we started working with Ashley at five months as our baby was going through the four-month sleep regression and waking up every hour. We got a custom plan from Ashley that allowed us to implement over the course of a few nights and we went from waking every hour to getting 11 hours of sleep in one stretch. It was a miracle. Cannot recommend working with her enough.

    Kate N.

  • Mothers Haven was an absolute lifesaver for my wife as we welcomed our first baby this summer. As a husband, I found it extremely valuable to have Ashley’s support to educate us on how to prepare for the birthing process and to have her just a phone call away if we were unsure of anything while in the hospital. Our baby was not a great breastfeeder, and Ashley helped my wife immensely to find a bottle feeding schedule that worked for her and our daughter Lucy. I think it’s important for husbands to encourage the mothers of their children to join the Mothers Haven community. It’s been such a blessing for us as a family.

    Manny P.

  • ​​I know this sounds dramatic, but the Pediatric Sleep Services are life-changing! I contacted Ashley for help on how we could help our 12-month-old fall asleep independently. We were rocking him every night and twice a day for his naps. Because we were rocking him he couldn't fall back asleep if he woke in the middle of night which meant...dun dun dun...MORE rocking and no sleep for anyone in the house! She gave us SO much support and encouragement through text and email and he quickly fell into a sleep schedule that allowed us to feel human again. It's been about a month and our little guy lets me know when he is ready for his naps and is getting 11-12 hours of continuous sleep a night. We cannot thank Ashley enough for all of her help and guidance. Take care of yourself by contacting her. You absolutely deserve it!

    Kandace J.

  • Ashley is kind, knowledgeable, understanding, and so relatable as a mom to littles herself. If it weren't for her guidance, I wouldn't have made it to my goal of breastfeeding for a year. She helped me navigate every challenge in my journey, from latching issues, pumping, returning to work, managing illnesses and milk supply drops, to introducing solids and weaning. I love that she offers support to mothers well beyond the newborn month and she did so without any judgement or pressure. She helped me feel empowered to follow my instincts and gave me the tools to meet my own goals and definition of success in my breastfeeding journey.-

    Kerrin H.

  • Mothers Haven was so kind and helpful to work with postpartum. Their lactation consultants are dedicated to supporting new and expecting moms, and were readily available for any questions I had along the way. Ashley has a plethora of knowledge to share, was flexible, and honed in on any issues we were having and provided suggestions and support to get us through. In addition, though I had planned to exclusively breastfeed we ended up on a different combo-feeding journey and Ashley was a great help. I also signed up for two of her online classes before I had baby which were excellent to have on hand for my husband and I. My only regret is not reaching out sooner, and I plan to utilize her again in my second pregnancy this spring. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her- you will be glad you did!

    Stephanie D.