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Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutritional Support

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Celia Palmer, MS, RD, LDN is our registered dietitian here at Mothers Haven Collective with a certificate in hormonal health, she is also a mama to two little girls.

As a dietitian, she uses a holistic approach and evidence-based practices based on the latest scientific research. She offers a range of services tailored to support the nutritional needs and well-being of women during conception, pregnancy and postpartum.

Oftentimes this is covered by insurance - see if you're covered here or contact us! 

This service includes 1:1 virtual nutrition counseling to assess the individual's specific nutritional needs where she takes into account lifestyle, hormonal health, pregnancy status, and postpartum goals.

For expectant mothers, Celia provides guidance on optimal nutrition during pregnancy to support fetal development and maternal health or help navigating diagnoses such as gestational diabetes. After childbirth, she assists new mothers in replenishing macro and micronutrients, regaining energy, educates on nutrition for breastfeeding nutrition, and supports your journey with body image.

Her services are designed to promote a healthy pregnancy, facilitate postpartum recovery, and empower individuals to make informed nutritional choices for lifelong behavior change. Celia assists new and expectant mothers to meet their prenatal and postnatal nutrition needs, including guidance with fertility and the postpartum diet. These private nutritional support consultations will help you optimize your health and well-being during these significant life stages! 


What’s Included:

  • Private virtual video consultations
  • Personalized care plan based on your lifestyle, goals, pregnancy status, and more!
  • Initial consultations are typically spent reviewing health history, discussing nutritional goals and needs, addressing nutritional and lifestyle concerns, and providing you with a personalized nutrition plan catered to support you and your baby from conception through postpartum
  • Follow-up consultations provide continued support, identify areas of need, answer questions, and create ongoing care plan based on progress
  • E-mailing and messaging correspondence between appointments to provide support, answer questions, and create accountability

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